The Whiskey Sessions started when three old (by this point) musicians met to get reacquianted and drink som whiskey. The whole think quickly turned into a recurring even about booze, music, and on-the-spot creativity. We get together, pop the cork, and get cracking on writing a song. The goal is to compose, write lyrics, perform and record an entire song in a single evening, preferably before the neighbors start banging on the wall or the audio interface burns up.

We often mix and master when we've had a chance to sober up, but we are proud to challenge ourselves to achieve all of this in a short period of time. And it's a lot of fun too......

See below for music, lyrics and photos from each time The Whiskey Sessions have met, in reverse chronological order. Click on a title to see more information about that specific song, and please leave a comment. We hope you appreciate our music!

To get in touch, please don't hesitate to write to us at: whiskey [at] johno [dot] se


Honk Up The Bird (In The Haphne Hall).mp3 (mix: peen)


Mad had a bunch of inspirational songs from the 50s and 60s. Adam was drinking from some weird bottle in a brown paper compost bag. johno was wearing a very dirty shirt. Peen was the engineer.

Maria wrote some lyrics and Jonas did camera duty. The goal was to get a really compact vocal harmony and a nice boogie / swing feeling. We have no idea what the title of the song actually means, but it sounded good. But Limpan has an Amazon with racing stripes and is headed downtown...

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(2011-03-06, 16:40) mad sa: hon är ju snygg.... o porrig! o den där bra fotografen saknar vi enormt mycket nuförtiden!

(2011-02-10, 17:52) Jon(_X_) sa: Måste ju säga att Maria ser grymt porrig ut på flera av fotona här. Bra fotograf, eller var hon bara extra snygg denna kvällen? :P

(2009-12-09, 20:52) johno sa: jag är grymt nöjd med hela refrängen på denna! Nonsense-engelska FTW!

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