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The Whiskey Sessions started when three old (by this point) musicians met to get reacquianted and drink som whiskey. The whole think quickly turned into a recurring even about booze, music, and on-the-spot creativity. We get together, pop the cork, and get cracking on writing a song. The goal is to compose, write lyrics, perform and record an entire song in a single evening, preferably before the neighbors start banging on the wall or the audio interface burns up.

We often mix and master when we've had a chance to sober up, but we are proud to challenge ourselves to achieve all of this in a short period of time. And it's a lot of fun too......

See below for music, lyrics and photos from each time The Whiskey Sessions have met, in reverse chronological order. Click on a title to see more information about that specific song, and please leave a comment. We hope you appreciate our music!

To get in touch, please don't hesitate to write to us at: whiskey [at] johno [dot] se


LoinsArnFire.mp3 (mix: johno)

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The Whiskey-tour begins! First stop Malmö; apparently word has got around and people are curious to what a Whiskey Session actually entails. Creative anxiety is like a fog that envelopes all Swedish musicians apparently...

In Malmö we found a big gang of game developers / musicians that johno and Mad went to visit. Mats (who also guest starred session 14) and Toob are both members of the band Interlace.

We had the session at Ola Strandh's place (composer at Massive Entertainment). Sadly ew couldn't join in as he was at a Halloween party, but we borrowed his little brother instead. Erik Strandh plays the accordion like a god. Old veterans Jonas and Maria had moved in there as well and cheered us on as usual with. Maria's daughter Fia was home for once and basically felt that what we were recording was really bad and impossible to play for here friends...

When johno revealed that Orhan was coming Mad decided that we had to write something vaguely Turkish / dancey. Both Linda and Toob debuted as singers with flying colors! Mad sang a verse, Orhan played darbuka, Mats contributed a melody, Linda and Gabrielle wrote a ton of lyrics (dirty of course), Erik played accordion and johno engineered, played guitar, and mixed i all back in Göteborg (with Mad as executive producer). Whiskey was consumed from drinking glasses and we ran very late.

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(2011-03-06, 16:49) mads hål sa: håll menar jag.... hoho..

(2011-03-06, 16:48) mad sa: det här är en klar favorit från mitt hål.

(2010-06-07, 11:25) orhan sa: min första whiskey session och jag hade skitkul! gött jobbat allihopa! BOOM YEAH! :D btw, har 2 remixar på G av loins... /o

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